Tracks is an iPhone application intended for recreational hikers, bikers, runners, joggers or anyone who simply wants to know where they’ve been. You can record your outdoor activity and view your path and statistics in real time. When you’re done with your hike, bike run, walk etc, you can see where you’ve been and upload your activity details and photos to Google’s Fusion Tables and Picassa, or export to GPX for geotagging photos or import into desktop activity tracking tools like AscentRubitrack or Training Peaks WKO+.


After a bit of a break, Tracks development is back in full swing again. Here’s some of the new features you can look forward to seeing in the next couple of updates.

  • Autosave. Incrementally save track data while recording. Not only does autosave minimize potential for data loss should something unexpected happen to the application or device, but it sets the foundation for the next feature.
  • Live Track Sharing. One of our users requested this feature and we think its a great idea. Look for it soon. One of the things that should differentiate Tracks is we will not require you to sign up, create any special account or otherwise submit any personally identifiable information (the sole exception may be linking your friends and sessions across multiple devices, where we may need an email address)
  • Pause recording. Allow recording multiple segments in a single session. So you can stop for lunch and pause tracks to save your battery. Then finish recording the afternoon leg of a trip in the same session.
  • Waypoints and Tagging. Let users tag images and routes with keywords and/or comments(preferably by voice).


Here’s a few screen grabs of what Tracks looks like today:

Photo preview.
Review your sessions.
Statistics and Session Navigation
See where you've been
Upload to Picassa
Image Viewer
View Track in Fusion Tables
Tracks Camera

3 thoughts on “Tracks

    1. Sam, Tracks can display an existing route while recording. To select the route to display – you need to locate and view it in the ‘Tracks’ tab. Bring up the toolbar by tapping on the map and then tap the ‘Star’ button. When you return to the recording screen, the selected route will be highlighted in yellow.
      Tracks does not offer any route planning tools at the moment, but there are some free online tools that let you draw a path on a map and export it to GPX (which you can then import into Tracks):
      There is also a wide variety of paid tools that offer similar planning options, and you can also import and export GPX files to and from other devices so you can share routes with friends or import GPX files of popular routes offered by many destination web sites.

  1. Hi, would it be possible to provide an option to include compass direction on the photos? Maybe a small compass in one corner. It would be great to be able to tell which direction I was facing when I took the photo. Thanks

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