More Online Learning

Taking the midterm this weekend and reflecting on how phenonimal this class bas been. We’ve covered a tremendous amount of ground, and I’ve been feeling really energized by all this new knowledge and curiosity coming out of the experience.

Even more exciting, it looks like the ‘learning experiment’ must be going fairly well from the perspective of Stanford University as well, since they’re now offering nine brand new classes starting in January!

Came across the list below on the ai-class forums this weekend:

From Frank Chen at ml-class discussion forum

We are launching several free, online classes for January/February 2012 today:

Some of the classes are related to AI and Machine Learning and so do signup if you are interested in any of the classes above. We will have further announcements soon, so stay tuned!

I’d really love to take the Natural Language, Human-Computer Interfaces, Game Theory, Probabilistic Models, Machine Learning and Crypto classes if I had the time. Picking just one or two is going to be rough!!

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