Stanford AI 101 – Free to the World

Intro to AIStanford has had some courseware available online for some time. Now they are going well beyond that by offering the class online, for free, worldwide. Online students will be required to submit homework which will be graded, and will also has access to the renowned instructors. Well, sort of…

Grading will be automated. But we are recording video specifically to help students who got the answers wrong. We will use the exact same questions for everyone, including the Stanford students. In this way we can actually compare how well everyone is doing.
We will use something akin to Google Moderator to make sure Peter and I answer the most pressing questions. Our hypothesis is that even in a class of 10,000, there will only be a fixed number of really interesting questions (like 15 per week). There exist tools to find them.

I’ve already registered regardless of the real or artificial nature of the instructor interaction, and can’t wait ’till fall.
More info:

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