Quantum Mechanics: It’s Not Just Quantum Anymore

Lately I’ve been hearing slot about how quantum effects may be more commonplace than we’ve ever thought in the macro world. Starting with articles on how Quantum Entanglement may be the primary mechanism of photosynthesis.
Today Scientific American runs two articles on how classic particle (deterministic) physics may really just be a dumbed down approximation of how things work in a large scale quantum universe.

I think we can chalk one up for Free Will today.

Quantum mechanics is commonly said to be a theory of microscopic things: molecules, atoms, subatomic particles.
Nearly all physicists, though, think it applies to everything, no matter what the size. The reason its distinctive features tend to be hidden is not a simple matter of scale.
Over the past several years experimentalists have seen quantum effects in a growing number of macroscopic systems.
The quintessential quantum effect, entanglement, can occur in large systems as well as warm ones—including living organisms—even though molecular jiggling might be expected to disrupt entanglement.

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