Physics of Consciousness

Just started reading this book and like it already. After reading the ‘Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind‘ and ‘The Quantum Enigma‘, the subject of consciousness has been something I’ve been quite interested and intrigued by. Is objective reality dependent on the ‘Observer’ and the questions they might chose to ask? The answer seems to be absolutely, and the question of how a single individual’s consciousness may or may not be woven into the objective universe (or multi-verse) brings overwhelming implications. Somewhere in between subjective thought and the physical firing of our brain’s neurons lies the power to turn an immaterial, spiritual ‘idea’ into a physical reality. The thought of moving your arm initially does not in any way exist in the objective world until somehow electrical impulses are generated in your mind and ultimately cause muscle tissue to contract. Out of the nothingness of a random thought comes a concrete physical action. This book looks to fill the void Newtonian physics has defined between the spiritual world of thought and the physical world we all exist in.

Looking forward to getting deeper into this book, and will update soon.

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